Advanced WindowsCare V2 來優化一下系統吧

Advanced WindowsCare V2 - 來優化一下系統吧!

Advanced WindowsCare是一款能分析系統性能瓶頸的優化軟件。它通過對系統全方位的診斷,找到系統性能的瓶頸所在,然後有針對性地進行修改、優化。優化後系統性能和網絡速度都會有明顯提升!

This comprehensive PC-care utility has a one-click approach to helping protect, repair and optimize your PC. Advanced WindowsCare Personal Edition helps protect, optimize, and repair your PC –– with daily use.

Features of this fantastic, award-winning, 100% free program include:

    * Ending slow downs, freezes, crashes, and security threats.
    * Scanning and finding what other utilities miss on your PC.
    * Keeping your PC error-free and running more smoothly than ever.
    * Designed for Windows Vista, XP, and 2000.
    * Over 10,000,000 downloads since 2006.
    * Availability is free of charge for private use.
    * Plus, Advanced WindowsCare Personal is 100% safe and clean with no adware, spyware, or viruses.


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