Free UPX 強悍的執行檔壓縮器

Free UPX 1.1 - 強悍的執行檔壓縮器

UPX 的 GUI,選項較細;UPX 核心已更新至 3.03:

The most important features:
‧Compression and decompression executable files (EXE, DLL, OCX, BPL, CPL, SYS, AX, ACM, DRV, TLB and other).
‧Easy acces to all UPX command-line parameters.
‧Displaying detailed informatio! ns about compressed files: original file size, compresson ratio, UPX version, compression level and other.
‧Predefined UPX profiles for beginners. Advanced users can define custom profiles.
‧Don't need any installation. Just extract ZIP archive and click fupx.exe file.
‧Portability. This program can be run from portable devices. All settings are written to INI file.
‧Shell integration (optional).
‧100% freeware! - for commercial and non-commercial use. No limitations, no adware, no spyware.

UPX 簡介:
UPX 是個用於壓縮及解壓縮可執行檔案的工具。在不影響程式原來的執行能力下,最高可達到 50~70% 的壓縮率,大幅縮小檔案容量與磁碟空間,加速網路下載。它能夠壓縮程式內的所有資源,也可以讓您自行調整壓縮率,甚至還內建完整的解壓還原功能。

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