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InstallPad 0.4 - 軟體自動安裝

懶人必備全自動下載安裝工具 - InstallPad, 重灌電腦最累人的莫過於重複的下載跟安裝最新版的必備程式,然而,這個小軟體可以讓你自建下載清單,並讓軟體在背景「靜默安裝 Silent Insatll」(須取決於安裝程式),也不用寫什麼「無人值守」的 Script 了!講白一點,作業系統重灌好後,這個軟體一上身,下載跟安裝的動作都交給它就好了!可節省滑鼠點擊次數=N 次。更妙的是 - 可以把自! 建的 XML 檔軟體清單拿出來分享!

系統需求:.NET Framework 2.0 以上版本


Installing programs takes forever

Downloading the latest versions of your favorite programs is a tiring task, especially on a fresh installation of Windows. Navigating through the mess of websites and download links is frustrating, waiting for the installers to download is boring, and running each one separately is annoying.

Tired of all this?
Get your programs faster with less fuss

InstallPad can help you. It takes a list of your favorite programs and will download and install the ones you pick. It doesn't need to ask any questions, so you can go do more important things. InstallPad can resume downloads you've canceled, and can even try and find the latest version of your program online.

If you administrate or develop for Windows, InstallPad can help you get a machine set up with service packs, applications or development tools without the need for CDs or running lots of scripts. With it you can quickly install a host of programs silently, pass arguments to the installers, and run post-installation scripts.

但是 list 誰提供呢?
我想若真的是懶人應該不會去自己 update list 吧?

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